Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lake Manitoba Freezing Over!

The freeze up is a little late this year but most of the ice in Long Point Bay on Lake Manitoba is perfect. My Brother and I set a bunch of nets and hopefullly the wind does not break it up. There was about 2 inches of ice and it was perfect for setting. Here are a few pics. The next ones will be of fish, hopefully.

There was some open water 20 feet away from where our net ended up. This would make most people nervous!!!! I've been doing this since I was 10 years old. Just be careful and make sure you and your partner don't fall in!

Then after one more cold night, there was lots of good ice, No open water.... except out in the big lake. It takes awhile to freeze that big body of water.

This is the Jigger. It travels under the ice to take the line out for pulling our nets under the ice. There is about 2 inches of ice here.

I have been hunting a lot lately but haven't seen any bucks worth shooting. They are there but just haven't hooked up yet. Hunting slows down a lot when fishing starts:(

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