Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beautiful weather in January!

The weather has been very warm for the past week in Manitoba. Just a few degrees below freezing. A nice break from the bitter cold we have had. Fishing is still pretty good, still catching some walleyes and there is a few perch to be had out there as well. The frost was built up on everything on a foggy morning! I recently went to the Toronto Boat Show and the only thing I really wanted to do...... Was touch the Cup!!! My skin was crawling the whole time I was in the Hockey Hall of Fame. So much history... "GUMP" The Original Cup. Has it's own vault. The Conn Smythe The Toronto Boat show was quite successful for our first time attending. A few more dates filled in the book. If you don't have one for your group yet, what are you waiting for.... give us an email and we will let you know what is available.

This was the sunset on my way home from from the show. I missed the Bush! Hockey is gretting more intense every time we step on the ice!! It is nice to see these kids get the hang of laying someone out. Lots of hockey to come!