Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to set a Net under the Ice

People always wonder how you get a net from hole to hole. Here it is,
First you need to drill a big hole to put the Jigger down under the ice..

We sometimes get 4 feet of ice on Lake Manitoba.

After starting the Jigger it goes out about 90 yards, the length of our nets.

The Bombardier does most of the work pulling the net under the ice for us.

After we have set enough nets, you need a big hole again to get the Jigger out. It is not always easy, there is sometimes slush under the ice or pieces of ice sticking down below the surface that stop it from going forward and sometimes it gets jammed up. On windy days it is really hard to find the Jigger because you can't locate the sound of the knocker on it.

That is how you set nets under the ice!

This is three quarters of the Fishermen in our part of lake Manitoba, my Uncle Jack's Bombardier in the middle and our good friends and neighbors Craig and Carolyn on the right. It is nice to have some company once in a while.

Here is a cool picture

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