Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girl Power on Shearstone lake!!

The Frederick family spent last week on Shearstone lake and the girls, as usual out fished the men. David Sr. has fished many of our lakes and his son David and his wife Allison have accompanied him on the last number of trips but this year they added another fisher person to the group, Lisa, David Sr.'s daughter. She is from Arizona and I was a little worried how she would handle the rainy cold weather we had for a few days during their stay. When I arrived to pick them up everyone had big smiles and nice tans, on their faces anyways...not sure if it was from the wind or the good weather at the beginning and end of their trip! The weather was not a problem for Lisa or anyone else, the fishing in the rain was excellent. Lisa set the bar high at the beginning of the trip and no one was able exceed her largest northern catch ever of a 38 inch northern pike! She was really pumped to have been able to beat her dad and brother. David Sr. held the money on the walleyes with a 25 incher until the last day of the trip when his daughter in-law Allison caught the trophy walleye pictured below, a 26 inch walleye. This is her personal best in this category so it was a successful trip all around and for the record, the boys attributed the large catches to good guiding!!!

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