Monday, July 20, 2009

The Peters put up a Huge number!!!

The group that loves Loree lake the most just returned this morning and they were ecstatic to say the least! We offered them 3 extra days as we had an opening and they jumped at the opportunity to spend 10 days on their favorite lake. Bernice has been looking for a moose every year she has been up here and this year she finally got her wish. As her and Ed were fishing in a narrows they heard some splashing coming from behind them, as they turned around there was a BIG bull standing about 50 yards away. They stayed quiet and the moose ambled along the shore slowly and continued into the water and swam across the lake right in front of them. As he got up on the shore he stopped and shook off and the spray glistened in the sun, they were so happy to get to see this sight. Ed made the comment that when he stopped and looked back it would have been a perfect shot!! I hope he stays close, I will be on Loree this fall for a week.:)

The weather this week was a little adverse at times but their number of fish was very impressive!! 3011 fish for seven people in 10 days. That is a lot of fish. Jim caught a huge 29 inch walleye who he named Walter. And then the very next day he had another big one on in the same spot. As he got it into the boat he measured it up and again it was 29 inches, with the same split in it's tail. The biggest fish he has caught in all his trips to Canada. Ed had a 27 inch walleye and there were multiple 25 inch walleyes caught too. Carol caught a nice walleye and it spit up another walleye when they got it into the boat. Betty caught some big northerns on this trip, she had a 40.5 inch, a 35, and a 31 inch northern. Ed and Bernice were fishing in the bay behind the cabin and caught a few nice walleyes and 5 pretty big perch. The fish are still near the weeds in sometimes 4 feet of water but some are heading down to 15 or 16 feet. Things are still a couple of weeks behind but the cabbage weeds are growing and the fish are hanging around that oxygenated water. July is a great time to fish the north. Here are some pictures:

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