Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fishing some of my old favorite spots on Cherrington

The girls and I went fishing on Cherrington today with my Mom, her husband Siggy, and our family friends Craig and Carolyn. It was an awesome day in the north...maybe 80 degrees out on the lake and tons of fish!! The girls and I had a number of triple headers! Here is the first fish of the day.

A good morning fishing and the first time in a number of years we have not been rained out for shorelunch, the girls figured they could make a fire....

And they did it, it was a good team effort, the girls and I made the fire, Craig and Siggy filleted the fish, Mom and Carolyn cut potatoes and then I was set to cook. It tastes so good over the fire.


Siggy with another important part of a shorelunch.

The girls cooled off in the lake and swam right across our honey hole to another island. We still caught a pile of fish in that spot after lunch.

Taina caught plenty of these.

Maija, Mom and Siggy fished together after lunch, here is a double they had on.

My last fish of the day was the biggest! 25.5 inch walleye!

We fished near each other all day, it was a blast to watch everyone catching fish.

The girls were plenty played out for the trip home.

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