Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Happy Guests

Here are some pictures from the Ewald family. Dave has been making an annual trip with business associates for many years but this year made a second trip with his family for the first time. A great crew of fine young men and even his father in-law. They caught some nice fish and had some hot and heavy action at times. The last evening they were fishing northwest of the cabin and their jig almost did not hit the bottom before another walleye picked it up!

There were tons of fish this size.

Nice to see some wildlife.

This time the experience paid off for the veteran guide.

Matthew not sure if he wants to hold one of those Big ones!!

The Toft family made their annual vacation to Cherrington Lake recently and brought someone new with them. Mike's wife Crystal. She lives in Nevada and was not to keen on the mosquitos but on a regular year in July there are usually not many bugs, this year is the exception Crystal... The fishing was very good but not quite as good as last year, the mayflies were hatching out on the big lake, 2-3 weeks late, and that is where these guys like to fish mostly, catching those huge walleyes. They were quite successful at Lake Trout fishing as well, catching 4-28 inch and a big 30 inch Laker. Here are a few pictures, I will put up more as I recieve them.

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