Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fishing has been awesome and so has the weather!

Fishing has been great on all the lakes and the weather has been nice and sunny for the most part. The Mayflies hatched last week pretty much everywhere and all but one lake said that the fishing improved when the hatch was on. The walleyes were gorgeing themselves in the windblown bays, sometimes in the weeds and sometimes not but the numbers were incredible!

We have had many first time flyin people lately and even a guy who went to Springpole had never flown in his life! I was happy to give him his first ride in an airplane and show him the best fishing he had ever seen.

Here are some pictures from the Brown Party who fished Loree lake last week. Their first time with us and had a blast, they will be returning in 2011!

Findlay Lake had the Jias party fish there last week and had some pretty good fishing. It slowed down some during the mayflies but overall it was very good. Some guys in theis group have been fishing Canada for 46 years, so they have a good gauge on the quality of fishing. The largest walleye was a 27 incher caught by Dan but there was a number of 25's caught by Tim and lots of 24 inchers caught by everyone! They commented on the many different sized fish they caught showing the health of the lake, from 8 inch walleyes and northerns to the great number of large fish they caught and released.

The Laska party came out of Blackbirch today, their second trip there and said fishing was better than last year because they knew where to start looking for the fish. Bill caught this 42 inch monster!

Jeanette Lake continues to impress people with huge fish! The Krall party came back the other day reporting a 28 inch walleye, 2-27's and many more from 22-25 inches with a 40 inch northern put in there for good measure. The group previous to them had pretty much the same report only having caught a 26.5 inch walleye and adding 40 and 41 inch northerns.

We have had alot of happy customers fish recently and it is hard to get them all on here but here are a few of the BIG ONES caught recently.

Cobham Morley Ben caught a 44.5 inch Northern, no picture cause it was raining cats and dogs. but had a witness.LOL

Loree lake Al caught a 39 inch northern and Peter a 37 incher. They saw a few moose and one was a nice big bull in full velvet!

Springpole lake-Porter party. Fat fish, 25 inch walleye the largest but many 23 and 24 inch strong walleyes with shoulders.

Cherrington lake-Hoffman party. First time flyin fishermen who got the hang of catching walleyes, the youngest Teddy caught a nice 24 inch walleye.

Vee lake-Hamre party. Karl caught the biggest fish of his life last week on Vee lake, and big 26 inch walleye!

Shearstone lake had the Hanson family back again. Walleyes ran big this year for them. Thomas and Dan each caught a 28 inch walleye, Andrew had a 25 and 26 inch walleye, Dick and Thomas each caught a 27 incher! Those are some big fish! The Northerns were slightly smaller than normal with a 37 inch northern being the biggest.

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