Monday, June 21, 2010

Some BIG Walleye pics!

Here are a few of the Huge Walleyes caught recently at some of our lakes that haven't been posted yet.

Cobham Lake
Same group, same week.

One for the Blog,

This year at Findlay I caught a lot of bigger walleyes in the 25” range – several 24” and a 26” & pic of a 29”. Of course, I usually win the walleye contest – The other’s can have their northern (I did catch a 38” earlier pic). I will continue to retain my title of “Walleye King”… As John said during the ride up, I will catch a lot of bigger walleye’s this year and I did. He referred to “Jigger” will do it again. Also, some of the 24” & 25”’s were huge football shaped walleyes, never felt them that heavy before, sure put up a nice tugging fight. Findlay is getting better (for me) on them walleyes, also this year I caught more on rapalas, then leeches. I purchased a new hot rapala, with my unique technique - worked for me. Thanks for your hospitality.

Nick C

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