Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall is making itself pretty comfortable up was snowing yesterday. Heavy snow showers and high winds came through our area again, I hope the wind goes down before we start hunting on Monday. The Moose should be rutting like crazy.

The Kralowetz party made the annual trip to Lorre lake and came out yesterday. The catch of the week.... A depth finder! Just out from the dock Keith caught this monster, transducer, cable and the screen! I don't remember off hand anyone telling me they lost one or got so mad they threw it in the lake! Fishing was good, plenty of numbers and lots of 20 inch walleye. Here are a few pictures.

The boys just finished saying they have neverr seen a moose on any of their trips and 10 minutes later...
A 2.5 year old bull, probably 36-40 inches across. Hopefully I will run into this one in a couple of years.

Moose hunting next :)

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