Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The depth finder story


It's been two-three years since we scheduled a trip with you, but I still check your blog every few weeks. I started laughing when I saw your recent update on Loree Lake. We (I) lost my buddies depth finder on Loree Lake and never imagined it would show up again. We had transfered his depth finder into my boat that morning, and I forgot to tie it down. About 150 yards from the dock, the tranducer came free from the back of the boat, caught some water, and pulled the entire unit from the boat! Needless to say, Scott D. was not very happy with me. The depth right there was around 20', so we never even tried to drag the bottom to find it. I am guessing the current moved it closer to the dock over the past couple of years making it easier to snag.

We have not been able to get back up to fish the last couple of years, but always talk about next year.


Here is the original story

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