Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First win!

Our Bantam team has played 3 games so far and it looks just like old times. We are starting slow but I see we have potential and are going to be contenders by the end! Our league, once we reach Bantam, joins all of our region so we play teams we never used to from farther north. There gets to be some big boys in Bantam so the 4 girls on our team will have to be tough as a Bantam Rooster!

We took a beating in our season opener 10-1 against Arborg who look like they will be very strong, and lost to Lake Manitoba 7-4 in a game we should have won, we will not lose to them again, and then last weekend we were fortunate enough to lay a beating on Peguis 17-5 in a game where our team worked and fore-checked perfectly. It will be a wild season, I can see the rivalries beginning. I absolutely love it!!!

I have been enjoying the beautiful weather up here, great for hunting. Calm and temps in the 30's good deer hunting weather! I have let many 120 class deer go and continue to wait for a shooter. Winter just showed up last night, there is a strong north wind bringing it in and the temp is dropping fast as I type. I am going hunting.

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