Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lots of ice!

There was 13-15 inches of ice last week which is plenty for a Bombardier, so our jobs out on the lake have gotten a lot easier. The net puller in both directions sure saves the shoulders! We are still searching and waiting to find the big schools of fish but we have heard a few fish stories, usually other fishermen are chasing our stories. So tomorrow we are in setting mode again farther from home, we could end up 12 or 14 miles from home tomorrow, I hope the weather is nice and the ice is smooth!

Even with eleven inches of ice in the middle of this slush hole, it makes your heart sink when you feel the Bombardier slow down and sink. Not as scary as crossing ice cracks but when you get stuck in the slush it is almost impossible to get out without help. We would have to call Uncle Jack for a pull again.


elkslayer said...

you canadians are crazy!!!!!!

elkslayer said...

thats funny as hell, you should send that to bombardier!