Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Time

We are approaching Christmas now and fishing has not been very good at all. The only upside is that we are seeing good sign of Perch in our larger walleye nets. So if we want to make any $ this winter, perch fishermen we will have to be. That season does not open until January 15th. We will fish until then but not be setting any new sets.

We laugh, sometimes we are the suckers!

The kids have been out with us a couple of days. It is nice to see teenagers actually getting outdoors for an entire day! The only drawback is that they ate our entire lunch and the extra we leave left over in case we get stranded out there!

And as always, the Crack! The water was higher this year with no big ice piles on the reefs so the cracks are in different places due to different pressure points on the huge slab of ice know as Lake Manitoba!

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