Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fishing by myself

My brother went away for a week on vacation so I am fishing all by my lonesome....almost. My brothers dog Jess is staying with us this week so she is my fishing partner. She rides in the Bombardier nice and quiet looking over my shoulder, she walks back with me to each hole to tie each net down. It is nice to have company out there, she even puts up with my complaining of crappy fishing. The temperature is quite cold up here but I am not complaining, when you do the work of 2 people you get pretty hot, it was -20 with no wind and I never wore my hat all day, actually I sweated for most of it.

Here is Jess, the fishing dog. She jumped once when the ice shifted and rumbled and she is kind of afraid of the glare ice patches, but she stayed close barking at any distant ravens who followed us 8 miles out for a meal of fishguts.

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