Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Falcons!!

The Annual Recreational hockey tournament in Lundar was held the last couple of days. There was 5 teams this year making for 4 games for each team in two days for 50 or 60 local guys. A good amount of hockey, a game in the afternoon, a few wobbly pops and then one more game before more festive brown bottles..... how can life get any better. Men and a few girls from many ages and walks of life participated, good times were had by all except for a couple of my old team mates Stewart and Philip who drew some blood, Stewart with a puck in the chin and Philip with a puck in the nose. They hardly missed a shift. Nothing like blood on the ice!

The Last Falcons went undefeated again! 2 of the 4 games were very close but we (10 of us) prevailed and turned it on enough to win each game. We still talk about the glory days of the good times, dirty plays, fights, and the odd biting during a scrum but they are still entertaining. I miss the atmosphere, the teasing and just the, being with the boys. Good times indeed!

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