Sunday, July 15, 2007

Even John falls in the Lake once in a Blue Moon!

Yes, even I fall in the lake every once in a while. It has been quite a few years but I knew it would happen eventually. This time I had an audience. I was unloading barrels of gas at the Morley cabin where the water is still quite high. High water makes everything more difficult. When you have 350 lbs coming at you and your feet are in the water you have to be careful. I had everything under control and had the big girl(gas barrel) right where I wanted her. She stopped just before the end of the slide and I had to give her a little nudge to get to the bottom and Sploosh!!! The drum was in the water. Not a problem, I have fished a barrel of gas out of the water before. The only problem was that it was floating away. I reached out to keep it close. I had it by my fingernails and guess what..... SPLASH! I was in the lake with it. I started swimming and the dog paddle after the drum that was getting further away when I realized I was in only 3 feet of water.LOL Wet up to the neck and a drum in the lake with 6 fisherman watching and laughing. They thought they got a picture but no dice. I actually had a laugh myself. My brother was there helping me as well. That was probably the worst part. We are quite close and he thought that was great.

Here are some pictures from the Clark Party. They fished Loree Lake last week. They reported that the numbers were down but the quality was excellent. Alot of changing weather, as you can see from the pictures.

Tough guy, Lipping a Northern Pike!This is Hal Sigurdson. The Manager of my hockey team, the Lundar Falcons. He is the one who smoothes things over at the league meetings and gets scolded when we misbehave on the ice. Some of my friends and teammates make a trip up every year and this is the first time Hal has been able to make it. He has been looking forward to the Otter ride for a long time. The fishing report is yet to come. They went to Cherrington Lake.Another sunrise, Fog in the distance. Got lucky and had a clear path to Blackbirch.

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