Sunday, July 15, 2007

Noteworthy Fish of the Week

I want to keep everyone up to date on the Trophy Fish being caught and released, as well as a quick quote from the Party.

Cobham River, Sander Party. 31" Walleye, and Fat. Two 41' Northerns. Fish were everywhere.

Jeanette, Buker Party. First flyin as well. Fishing a little slow at first but found the fish towards the end of the trip and caught the heck out of them. Everything else exceeded their expectations.

Blackbirch, Gene Bowers had 5 new fisherman with him and they were ecstatic when I picked them up. Great time.

Cherrington, Zech Party. 26" Walleye off the dock in 5 feet of water on a floating Rapalla. Caught a hook in the finger and a Northern on the other hook. Good thing he is tough.

Cobham, Absher Party. Most fish he has ever caught in one day in his life. Has been going to a new lake every year but rebooked Daniels for next year, same time.

Shearstone, Fingland Party. 27" walleye and 42" Northern. Fish were in 5 to 7 feet of water. Great time.

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