Tuesday, June 3, 2008

James Ready available in Limited amounts!!!

James Ready is sold out in cans in Red Lake at the moment. I would advise anyone coming up to have an alternate in mind. I would suggest Lucky Lager as a close second in flavor and is the same price. The next order will be in soon but just letting anyone interested know whats up.


We have found a different supplier for leeches this summer and want to let you know that we need your order into us at least 2 weeks before your trip. Call or email Rena for pricing on leeches, crawlers and frozen minnows. They are cheaper too which is good.

I did not have to leave until 7:30 am this morning and glad for the late departure. It was foggy and then a frost came late. It would have been a late departure if we had a 5 am flight but the timing was perfect today it was good to go... right on time.

With a nice tail wind we were at Vee Lake in 50 mins.

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