Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spending the Quality Time

It makes all of us feel good to see so many families going to our outposts. There is nothing like the time you spend with your kids in the boat fishing. Going to a remote outpost, far from any distractions..... beside the hundreds of fish you will be catching, is the perfect place to slow down.

This Tim and Austin. They just returned from the Cobham Morley cabin where they have fished together for a number of years. Tim started fishing with us when Rena and I first started with Amik 15 years ago. Him and his Dad Jack, would always get a group together and stay for a week at Morleys, never missing a season. Jack has since passed and we think of him often. There are a number of pictures in our office of Jack with some Big fish. But the tradition carries on today with Tim organizing a trip to Morley's each year of generally Fathers and Sons. Spending a week with his son, thinking, I am sure of the days he spent with his dad on the Cobham.

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