Friday, July 4, 2008

Loree Lake, Peters Party, Best Year Yet!!

This is the Peters party and their friends. They have brought many different people up to Loree Lake over the years, from family to close friends. They have been fishing with Amik for at least 12 years and this was their best yet. Numbers wise anyways, every trip to the North is a special one. Here is my Blog post from last year to see how they did this year compared to last,

Last years Fishing Report

Bernice and Ed have been making the trip up with the Peters for a few years now and are totally hooked! Bernice has a tear in her eye when she arrives and a tear when she leaves. She caught the fish of the trip on her first day in camp this year. A Nice 42 inch Northern! Her husband Ed also had the biggest Walleye of the trip, a Fat 27 and 1/4 incher. If you look at their totals they are pretty impressive. They brought a couple of Rookies this year Dale and Mary. Their totals steadily increased each day and on the last day they caught 100 fish in their boat. Once you get the hang of feeling those walleyes out, it is quite easy.

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