Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weather is Beautiful, Water levels going down.

The weather has been really good lately. Nice mornings and warm days. A few pop up thunderstorms once in awhile but nothing too serious. Summer must be officially here. Water is slowly going down on the Cobham, Cherrington, and Blackbirch. Some lakes report that the Walleyes are starting to move out from the rapids and moving water but most days the best fishing is still near the rapids.

Cherrington had the Dodge boys come out yesterday. Nathan, who is 7 years old had a 25 inch Monster Walleye. I hope to see some pictures from that trip soon. There was 4 younger guys on this trip and they caught lots of fish. They were all Really happy on the way out.

Blackbirch fishing was outstanding this week with some new guys from Toronto fishing there. It takes longer for these guys to get from one side of the province of Ontario to the other than it does for someone who comes from Illinois or Iowa. This was their first Outpost experience and they totally loved it! They will be back.

We have a busy weekend coming and will have more fishing reports. Hopefully there will be some good stories to tell...

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