Monday, July 7, 2008

A Very Nice Story.

Another weekend has passed and many more happy fishermen have gone south with big smiles on their faces. I will get some of the stories up here soon.

Here is a story from a recent group of guests who had the trip of a lifetime as written by him.

Ron M. and Craig A. both boated 27" walleyes that were awesome
creatures! Not only was it our first 27's up here - but we boated 2 in one
week! The walleye numbers were nothing short of incredible, easily in the
50-100 fish per day per person! It was Ron's neighbor's (Bob) first
Canadian fly-in fishing trip - I think it's safe to say he was amazed at the
quality of your operation and the quality of the fishing.

Jeff and I also got to see a wolverine swim across the narrows and walk up
the opposite shore! You don't see that everywhere you go!

The 41" celebration story - as we were heading down to the border after our
trip, I was contemplating hiring an artist to paint a large northern being
caught by someone resembling my brother, with the yellow Otter in the
picture, and the Red Eye Wiggler lure hanging out of it's mouth (we all made
fun of Jeff fishing with that Red Eye Wiggler, but he slayed both walleyes
and northerns with it!). I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted this
painting to look like. We stopped at Border Bob's to browse.I walked up the
stairs to wander the art area.when I got to the top of the stairs I looked
to the right on the wall at eye level.what do I see? A framed print of a
blonde man catching a very large northern.with a yellow float plane in the
background and.yes, a Red Eye Wiggler hanging from its mouth. I was
speechless. We quickly purchased the print and snuck it into Ron's truck
without Jeff seeing it. That night at dinner in Virginia/Eveleth, we told
Jeff the story of my vision and presented him with the print to remember his
41" pike. We all signed the back of the print. Jeff said the print gave
him chills it was such an accurate reflection of the week's experience. A
great way to cap an awesome week.

As Ron and I discussed this little coincidence, we both agreed that a print
with a blonde man catching a large northern pike with a yellow float plane
in the background probably wasn't unexpected at Border Bob's, however,
placing a Red Eye Wiggler in its mouth was just too much! It was perfect
and apparently meant to be.

Thank you for an unforgettable week - we will see you next Summer!

Doug B

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Ron M said...

It was indeed the best trip we've had in over 20 years of coming to Canada. John and Rena run a first class operation and the fishing speaks for itself. If you didn't catch 100 fish per day, it's because you didn't have a line in the water.
Ron M.