Sunday, May 31, 2009

Walleyes scattered, Northerns bang on!

Daniels and Morleys changed over today and fishing and relaxing were both excellent. Daniels had a group of guys from the Boston area with a lone midwesterner in their group who travel up to see us every year for the past 5 years because we have the best fishing in Ontario and it is worth the trip! Every one in the group had at least one northern pike over 40 inches. The pictures will follow soon.

Morleys had the Millhollin group. These guys have tons of experience on these waters, 13 years ago was their first time. This year was good for them but not their best. Although they caught 2 northerns over 42 inches and lots over 36 inches. They will be back next year and the fishing will more than likely be alot different.

It was a Red Sky this morning and I had 2 trips. I hoped the weather could hold off for half a day to get everyone moved.

On the way home from the last trip, believe it our not we encountered some pretty heavy snow for a few miles!

This is a picture from Springpole lake in 2007. Look at that intense eye!

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