Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All kinds of animals being spotted in the north!

It has been cool at night in our part of the world and some of the days have been cooler than seasonal as well but the fishing has been excellent! The chainsaw goes with me on most trips to ensure that there is plenty of wood to keep our fishermen warm at night....but today the temperature got up to 70 and it looks like the nights will be warmer from now on as well.

Many animals of all shapes and sizes have been spotted around the north, some of them at close range. The Seal party were at Loree last week and saw a Wolverine along the shoreline for 3 or 4 minutes. A rare occurrence. Blackbirch too had a visitor right in camp. One of the Rennie boys looked out the window and saw a furry animal walking towards the cabin along the drain pipe. It was about 18 inches high and 18-24 inches long, I thought it may be a wolverine as well but he did not notice a big tail on it so I am thinking it may be a fisher. By the time they got outside to look, it was gone. I also have seen the pine marten at Cherrington a number of times. There has been quite a few moose seen on our lakes as well in addition to a few bears, but I hope we don't see too many of those this summer. The Collins boys saw a couple of them near the rapids on Vee Lake where they videoed one fishing last spring. Here is the link, Vee Lake Fisherman

Here is apicture of Cody Johnson who was the rookie at Vee Lake opening week. Awesome fish!

The Rolfs party shared some of their pictures with us. They caught some Big fish but here is a taste of all of their pictures. Looks like they had a great time!

Busy Beavers!

Perfect weather when I dropped them off at Daniels

Just one of the 40 inchers they caught!!

Sometimes the best fishing and good times are right at the dock!

A curious bull moose.

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