Thursday, June 4, 2009

Morels are ready around Red Lake

Maija and I went for a walk last night through the bush and found some tasty Morels. We had enough for a few meals in less than an hour, hopefully we can find some more tonight. If you are heading to one of our outposts soon you may want to keep your eyes open when you are out strolling after shorelunch!

The Davis party was at Cherrington last week and had a blast as always. The walleyes were absolutely huge. They caught 2-28, 1-27.5, a bunch of 25 inch walleye, a 32 inch Lake Trout and lots of upper 30's in the northern category. A great bunch of guys Rena and I have known for many years and look forward to seeing each season.

Relaxing waiting for the plane.

Everyone caught lots of big fish!

Ray especially!

Tom with a Big walleye.

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